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Mar 18, 2018

State Senator Howard Stephenson and State Auditor John Dougall talk with State Representative Mike Schultz. Schultz discusses the work of the transportation task force as well as changes to the Utah Transportation Authority (UTA) governing board. The changes are intended to improve public accountability. Other changes are intended to unify and improve transportation infrastructure planning.


Stephenson and Dougall then talk with Rosemary Cundiff, Utah Government Records Ombudsman. Cundiff discussed the recent government transparency conference – Day of Sunshine. Cundiff explains the Government Records and Access Management Act (GRAMA) and how citizens can use it to oversee their governments and shares some colorful inquiries she’s had.


Stephenson and Dougall then learn from Speaker Greg Hughes the driving benefit of an inland port as well as some of the dynamics between the State of Utah and Salt Lake City regarding oversight and management of that future port.


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