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Sep 16, 2018

Morgan County Councilwoman Tina Cannon and State Auditor John Dougall discuss the documentary “All The Queen’s Horses”, now airing on Netflix. The documentary discusses the $53 million fraud perpetrated on the residents of Dixon, IL over two decades by its then city comptroller. Cannon and Dougall discuss the Fraud Triangle and the challenge of effective board oversight in local governments across the state (and across the nation). Cannon shares experience as a local official.


Cannon and Dougall then talk with Health Williams with Americans For Prosperity about Question 1 and Proposition 3. Q1 proposes raising gas taxes to spend more on education while Prop 3 would raise taxes to expand Medicaid. Williamson talks about fighting wasteful tax increases and defending Utah taxpayers. Dougall talks about the collision course of these two issue, with Medicaid cost ballooning across the nation, placing downward pressure on public education budgets. See for more information.


Cannon then talks about how to nominate your favorite mom as Utah Mother of the Year.